Six questions everyone should ask their therapist

Many people are worried about the first meeting with the therapist, and it’s okay. You may have doubts about what to ask and how to find contact with a therapist near me. Ask these 6 questions when you meet a therapist for the first time.

1. Do you have experience working with people who have similar issues?

You will feel much more relaxed if you know the therapist has experience working with people who have similar problems. It will make help you understand that your condition is not unique, and there is nothing wrong with you. Besides, a positive answer to this question will prove that therapist you work with has experience in working with clients. It is better if the therapist works with similar issues because it means he or she will have a better approach to your issue.

The purpose of the first meeting is to understand whether the specialist is the right person for you. This is not always possible in one session. You may visit the therapist 3 to 5 times to make sure whether you like him or her or not.

2. How does the session go?

You should better ask about the therapist’s approach. It will help you know what to expect, and what type of relationships you will build. You will find out how the session works and how you will cooperate. All therapists provide different activities, some engage in exercises, some may use the worksheets, and some just listen. This way, you will not expect any surprises on the road and will be relaxed during the therapy.

The starting point of the first consultation with the therapist is an introduction and knowing each other better.  Online therapy begins immediately in rare cases because both you and the specialist need to get used to each other. Be ready that the therapist will ask many questions. The specialist will ask why you have decided to turn to virtual counseling and what results you expect to get. For example, whether you want to become more confident, or cope with panic attacks. Don’t be confused that the therapist will ask clarifying or leading questions.

3. How long will the therapy last?

Knowing how long you will work together will help to have a timeframe in mind. The therapist can assume the period of working together based on your issue. Of course, counseling can last as long as you need, but it is not always necessary. The therapists work both short-term, and long-term. The duration depends on the style of work of the therapist.

Besides, you should not expect instant results, because they don’t often come fast. Patients usually feel the first changes after at least a few months of the consultation. All you need is to choose the right therapist and trust the process

4. How do You know we can work together?

You can ask a therapist whether he or she considers you two a good fit. It will help you to understand what you think about the therapist. The most important thing during the consultation is trust. You should relax and share your true thoughts with your therapist. This way, it will be easier for you to understand whether you like the therapist or not.

It doesn’t matter what experience of work an online counselor has. You should judge the therapist not only based on his proficiency. The most important thing is to rely on personal impressions and listen to your inner voice. Usually, there are no bad and good therapists, the professional may just not be the right person for you. You can be sure that the therapist fits your personality if you feel comfortable and relaxed during the consultation. Pay attention to your mood after the consultation: if you feel optimistic and enthusiastic the free online therapy was effective.

5. How do you know the time to complete therapy has come?

Sometimes patients feel awkward when the time to end therapy comes. However, you can easily previse this situation. All you need to do is agree on the approximate timing of ending the free online counseling. You will be able to define the approximate time after a few sessions. This way, you will know what to expect.

6. How can I say that I do not feel comfortable?

Letting the therapist know your true thoughts and feelings is key to comfortable cooperation and great results. If some of the questions seem inappropriate, you can always tell about that. This way, your psychologist online will be able to understand what you need and how to work with you. Telling the truth will help the therapist to find the right approach during the best online therapy. Thus, you can ask how to tell the therapist you are not satisfied with something from the start so that you both don’t feel uncomfortable. The therapist always respects the personal boundaries of the clients.

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