Mental health awareness month

If you think about when is mental health awareness month, remember the following information. Mental health awareness month is held in May and was initiated to promote the importance of mental health. Mental health awareness month has been held since 1992. The companies that hold mental awareness month provide people with the tools and knowledge to take care of their mental health. We also want to share some vital information that may be necessary for people who want to know more about their mental health and become better every day.


Why should we take care of mental health?

Mental health is as important as physical health. In a nutshell, mental health is a state of balance, which is determined not simply by the absence of mental illness, but by a whole complex of factors, because our body and our brain function together. Mental health is a state of harmony and well-being. A mentally healthy person can:

  1. realize own potential
  2. perceive herself with all the imperfections
  3. freely communicate with others
  4. work productively
  5. contribute to the society
  6. cope with stressful situations.

Being mentally healthy allows us to adapt to the environment, and have our attitude and approach toward everything.  People who pay attention to mental health awareness month can resist external stimuli and perceives them as life’s challenges. Stress is not always bad, it can also be helpful on the way to becoming a strong person. That is why we should know how to be prepared for life’s challenges and perceive them correctly.


How to take care of the mental health?

People can prevent various mental disorders by adhering to simple everyday tips. You should not do any special rituals to have strong mental health, all you need to do is to lead a healthy lifestyle and respect your needs. You can also read some mental health awareness month quotes that teach and inform us.


Have a good sleep

A night of 8 hours of sleep is essential for keeping your mental health in harmony. We restore our primary needs while sleeping. Our brain is resting and we can be fully prepared for the next day thanks to sleeping. For example, a person who is under great stress is likely to restore their functional activity during sleeping. Some studies show that many mental illnesses develop from a sleep disorder (lack of sleep, or early awakening). Sleep disorders signal that a person may develop some mental disease. Other studies say that people who have sleep disorders prone to depression, anxiety, and paranoid disorders.


Have a balanced diet

Balanced food is also very important. You do not even need to adhere to a special diet. Nutrition should be: stable, balanced, beneficial, and filled with vitamins. A balanced diet can help not only our mental state but also our physical health. For example, good nutrition provides our body with a strong immune system. We should also pay attention not only to what we eat but how we eat.

We also need to adhere to the food culture, namely, to choose the size of the needed portion. You should not overeat if you like the dish. People can also make their eating process more pleasant. You can find a cozy place, for example, the balcony, and observe beautiful landscapes. These factors will affect our emotional state which is an integral part of mental health.


Be active

Everyone should keep daily physical activity. You can choose any type of sport you want. The dopamine hormone is activated during sports, which means physical activity affects not only your body but also your mood, which affects the sense of joy. You should not necessarily start working hard, and visit the gym or pool — you can simply take a walk with friends, and don’t push yourself. The level of stress hormone stress decreases, and as a result, we feel elevated and get more pleasure from life. The best way to stroll effectively is to go out two hours before sleep. This will help you feel more relaxed before sleep.



People are social beings, which means social isolation is harmful. You should better communicate with friends, family, and colleagues more often. It would be best to be interested in everything that surrounds you. People always seek knowledge and should be interested in news and sharing information. Don’t forget to share thoughts, and support each other. Greetings, handshakes, hugs, and kisses are hormone oxytocin, which causes a sense of pleasure, reduces anxiety and fear, and increases the level of confidence.

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