Should you start therapy?

Therapy isn’t something that’s widely talked about in society. Because of that, many people have questions about therapy and are unsure whether or not it’s the right choice for them. While everyone can go to counseling, there are some signs that show you could especially benefit from mental health support.

Starting therapy

Beginning therapy can be overwhelming, especially if you’re unsure what to expect. If you want to do some research, you can look up the therapist you’re going to see and learn about their specialties. This can provide you with some peace of mind and help ease anxiety about meeting someone you don’t know.

As we mentioned previously, therapy is for everyone. If you’re unsure whether or not you should begin therapy, here are some things to think about…


Your relationships

Are you satisfied with your current relationships? Do you feel like they’re healthy?

Many people discuss all different types of relationships in therapy and learn how to better communicate with the ones they love. Whether you want to talk about the relationship you have with your parents, boyfriend, boss, or sister, a therapist will be there to listen and help you navigate difficult situations.


Big life changes

Major life changes can cause stress and be difficult to cope with. If you’re considering a big life change like going back to school or moving to another state, beginning therapy can be a great way to prepare and collect your thoughts.

If you’ve already gone through a life change, it’s not too late to start therapy. Regardless of how much time has passed, a therapist can help you identify your feelings and come up with coping mechanisms you can use if you’re having a difficult moment.



Do you think your life would be better if you were more confident?

Confidence and self-esteem are things that are often discussed in therapy. A therapist can help you identify some possible moments that led to lowered confidence and then you can work to find solutions together.


Unresolved trauma

In some situations, individuals don’t notice the effects of trauma until years after the event. If you went through something traumatic and haven’t emotionally worked through that situation, it could be impacting your mental health. There are therapists that specialize in trauma and are trained to help individuals heal from past situations in healthy, individualized ways.


You’re interested

What’s one of the biggest signs you should start therapy? If you want to start therapy!

You don’t have to go through a challenging mental health period or struggle with your relationships to start therapy. Even if you’re looking to meet with a counselor and discuss goals for the future or ways you can grow, therapy can be a great place to get to know yourself better.

If you want to learn more about therapy, our staff is always here to answer questions and discuss our services. It’s never too late to improve your mental health and explore the many possibilities therapy can provide.

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