What is anxiety and how to cope with It?

Anxiety is the human body’s response to stress. Feeling anxiety and disturbance is a normal and natural phenomenon. We can feel anxious before an important event such as a job interview, surgery, graduation, etc. But you should start worrying if you have one of the anxiety disorders, as they can ruin your mental health.


What are the manifestations of anxiety disorders?

Anxiety can also be unhealthy. For example, a prolonged feeling of dread for no reason is a manifestation of anxiety disorders that should be treated with anxiety medication. Contact your doctor if you are worried about the following symptoms:

  1. You feel irritated for no reason.
  2. You feel permanent tension.
  3. You think that you are in danger without a good reason.
  4. You have an increased heart rate.
  5. You feel it hard to stay focused and concentrated.
  6. Obsessive thoughts pursue you.
  7. You can not control your anxiety.

Anxiety disorders prevent people from living an everyday life. The uncontrolled panic or anxiety can begin anywhere and at any time. That is why you need to use the services of a specialist if you have one of the anxiety symptoms.


Why do anxiety disorders occur?

Anxiety disorders occur due to several reasons. Usually, anxiety arises due to a traumatic experience in the past or through stressful situations that happen in the present time. However, other reasons cause stress:


1. Medical causes

Sometimes anxiety is a signal that indicates various hidden diseases. For example, anxiety can signal heart disease, respiratory tract disease, diabetes, and other diseases. Sometimes, an anxiety disorder can be a side effect of using certain medicines.


2. Addictions

Abuse of alcohol and drugs often leads to anxiety disorders. In some cases, alcohol or drugs enhance or cause anxiety disorders.


3. Heredity

If your parents or relatives suffer from anxiety disorders, such as depression, or panic attacks, you can also feel the manifestation of the depressive disorders. In any case, anxiety is not a disease that will pass without treatment. You need to change your lifestyle if you feel minimal signs of anxiety disorder.


How can I get rid of anxiety disorder?

If your anxiety is not regular and manifests itself occasionally, you can improve your mental health by yourself. To get rid of generalized anxiety disorder, you need to:

  1. Sleep 8-9 hours
  2. Eat balanced food
  3. Avoid stress
  4. Get rid of bad habits.
  5. Do sports or morning exercises

If you have an anxiety attack in a crowded place and you need to get rid of it immediately, inhale a few times deeply. You can learn basic respiratory techniques that can help you cope with anxiety.

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