What is teen bullying and how to stop it?

There are many teen bullying articles because teens often suffer from bullying. Bullying is threatening, intimidating, or offending behavior that is directed to hurt a person on purpose. A single case of making a person feel bad cannot be called bullying because bullying is hurting someone regularly. Bullying can manifest itself in many ways:

  1. calling names
  2. teasing
  3. ignoring
  4. inflicting physical harm
  5. spreading lies

Bullying is the most widespread among teenagers in the school environment. But of course, your kid can experience bullying among friends.

How can I spot the signs of bullying?

No parents wish to know their children are bullied at school. But unfortunately, this is a quite common phenomenon, and you should be aware of the following signs of bullying:

  1. your child refuses to go out with friends
  2. your kid feels anxious before the school
  3. your child’s sleeping routine has changed
  4. your kid has low self-esteem and humiliates himself
  5. your child has strange injuries and suffers from the mood swings

You should never ignore the signs of teen bullying because it can lead to serious repercussions.

How can you help your child?

When you find out your child is being bullied at school, it’s time to have an open conversation. Of course, you may feel angry and depressed because you feel your child’s pain. But you should not rush and solve the problems of your child by yourself. Firstly, you should try to make your kid understand that bullying is not normal and it is necessary to fight back. Your kid should not ignore bullying but resist it. You can also help your children make strategies about how to solve their problems at school or with friends. But if bullying doesn’t stop, you can step in. Luckily there are a lot of ways how you can help your child avoid bullying.


1. Bullying at school

If your child is being bullied at school it is better to tell the teacher about it. This way teacher will pay more attention to your child and will stop bullying. Also, you should tell your kids that he or she can always turn to the teachers or school psychologists. If the bullion in school does not stops you can ask the psychologist to make an educational lecture about bullying.


2. Bullying among friends

If you know that your child is bullied in the company of friends it is better to persuade your child to find another company. Sometimes children feel insecure about finding new friends and keep hanging around with toxic mates. Children should be sure they don’t need toxic friendships and they can always find new friends.


Should I use professional help?

Remember that the most important about the parent-child relationship is a simple conversation. Do not blame the children in the situation, and show compassion. Because teenagers can be cruel, and sometimes there is no reason for bullying. You can use the teen bullying treatment in case your child has been affected by bullying. Professional psychologists know how to provide your child with mental help and support. Children usually feel better after talking to specialists and forget about the traumatizing experience. You can always use online counseling services in case your child doesn`t want to visit the therapist in real life.

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