Back-to-school guide for parents

Parents rack their brains on how properly prepare their children for school every year. It is difficult for pupils to return to school after the quarantine caused by the coronavirus. Many children are used to learning online and are not ready to go to the classroom. However, there are many good tips on how children can switch from online to offline studying easier. These back-to-school tips will also be useful for parents of children who are just starting school.


Establish the bedtime

Many children find it difficult to get up every morning at 7 o’clock. As a result, students forget about their regime and sleep to their heart’s content as soon as summer begins. Children go to bed late and wake up late during the summertime. It is necessary to establish the habit of going to bed early about a month before school.  Of course, your child may not like it, but you can make the process of getting used to the new sleeping routine easier. You need to establish a sleep regime gradually. A child can start by going to bed 15 minutes earlier every day.

Start the morning with fun pursuits, such as cooking a delicious breakfast together, exercising, or going to the pool. Ask what your child would like to do after waking up, and start the morning with a fun activity.


Explain to your kid that school is not boring

Usually, kids believe that school is a punishment, and it is challenging to convince them otherwise. There are several effective tips to get your child interested in visiting classes:

  1. Academic goals. Motivate the child with new academic goals. For example, challenge your kid to have the best grades in a specific subject, improve sports skills, and learn a foreign language.
  2. Extracurricular activities. Offer your kid to become a member of some school sports club. Playing volleyball, football, or dancing at school will help a kid to find new friends and mates.

You should explain to your child that visiting the school is not limited to studying, it is also: fun communication with classmates, new friends, and adventures.


Get new back-to-school supplies

All pupils get thrilled when thinking about new school supplies. Students dream of starting to write in new notebooks with beautiful covers, do homework in nice diaries and write with new pens.

Let the child choose new school accessories: colored pens, felt-tip pens, a pencil case, backpack. Do not forget about the new, fashionable back-to-school clothes.


Help your child with homework

Start getting ready for school and solving preparative school tasks together. Children are most stressed when they don`t understand how to do homework. When the teacher shows how to solve problems in class, everything seems to be clear, but children open their notebooks at home, and all the knowledge seems to disappear somewhere.

Don’t leave your child alone with homework, and help if you know the solution. School activities will seem much easier and more pleasant to the children if they know they can always rely on their parents. If you do not have time for helping with home assignments, hire a tutor who will help the child with homework.

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