Unleash Your Inner Picasso: Express Yourself Creatively and Embrace the Art Within

Embracing your inner artist Creativity is a fundamental aspect of being human, yet so often it is suppressed or overlooked in our daily lives. Society often places more value on productivity and efficiency, leaving little room for self-expression and embracing our artistic sides. However, there is a growing movement that encourages individuals to unleash their […]

5 Steps to Overcoming Social Anxiety and Building Meaningful Friendships

5 Steps to Overcoming Social Anxiety and Building Meaningful Friendships

Embracing the power of connection Social anxiety can often feel like a roadblock to building meaningful friendships and connections. It can leave us feeling isolated and hinder our ability to fully engage with others. However, there is hope. With the right strategies and mindset, it is possible to overcome social anxiety and cultivate deep and […]

Paul Drake

Paul Drake is a Licensed Master of Social Work (LMSW). He has 2 years experience as a therapist. Paul changed career paths after working with at-risk individuals and families obtain permanent housing. Paul works with a wide range of individuals from late teens to end-of-life.

Migdalia Moore

Migdalia Moore is a Licensed Master Social Worker with over fifteen years of experience working with adults and families. She has served in a wide range of environments including social service agencies, medical offices, clinics, schools, churches, and private practice settings.